Quickly analyze your

Sales Funnels

To improve sales and
make more profit.

(Without having to be an ads expert)

$39.99 per month after 14 days. Cancel anytime.

Benefits Of Using FunnelShoot?

FunnelShoot was built for E-commerce entrepreneurs who don't want to spend hours looking at data

Instantly find problem areas in your funnel.

FunnelShoot takes your facebook ads data and turns it into a easy to view funnel. No experience required to analyze your funnel. 

See your exact net profit in real time

FunnelShoot syncs up with both your Shopify store and Facebook account to deliver real-time profit analysis. Make better decisions by keeping accurate track of your finances.

Calculate the metrics you need to be profitable.

with an easy to view funnel currency layout, FunnelShoot can calculate target costs per purchase, cost per add to cart, cost per click and other valuable metrics you need in order to be profitable.


Our Features

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Revenue Reports

Keep track of your finances in real time. See your exact net profit and all expenses on one easy to view dashboard.

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Funnel Overview

See a birds eye view of your entire sales funnel. Quickly identify problem areas and see exactly what you steps you can improve.

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Data Trends

Use our built in data trends graph to easily compare different metrics and how they perform over long periods of time. Useful for identifying ad account trends.

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Use our funnel nudge feature to quickly simulate what kinds of metrics will lead you to profitability.

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Custom Costs

Add any additional costs directly into your revenue report. Have employee costs? Application fees? Add them into custom costs to improve net profit accuracy.

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Easy Integration

Integrate your Shopify store and facebook ad accounts with just a few clicks. Seamless integration allows you to view stats update in real time.

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Target Metrics

Use our built in calculator to quickly calculate your target cost per purchase as well as break even roas that will deliver your desired profit margin.

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Multiple Ad Accounts

Have more than one ad account for the same store? No problem, FunnelShoot can sync an unlimited number of ad accounts, giving you full flexibility when it comes to ad account scaling.


There's no magic formula for creating a successful e-commerce store. Our application will help you identify both the areas you need to improve as
well as the exact metrics you need to hit, to create a successful store every time. Take the guesswork out of success, and start understanding
what you need to do in order to create profitable stores.

$39.99 per month after 14 days. Cancel anytime.

Setup Process

Setup is extremely simple.Our guided wizard will help you quickly connect your shopify store and facebook account. Everything takes less than 5 minutes!


Connect your shopify store


Connect your facebook account


Disable any ad blockers


App is ready to go


Customers reviews

"Imagine having enterprise level accountants tracking all of your e-commerce expenses every second of every hour while being the lowest expense on your balance sheet. Thats what it feels like when I use funnelshoot for my stores"
Mackenzie Austin
"I started a new store around a month before black friday. I used funneshoot to help me find drop offs in my sales funnel. From the testing to scaling phase it has helped me accurately track my numbers which is very important when running an e-commerce business. With funnelshoots help I scaled my revenue to over $1 million in sales in under 2 months. "
Henry Fahl
E - commerce
"Funnelhoot helped me easily track numbers on my E-commerce store. The Visual funnel helped me see a huge drop off at my Checkout stage. After putting some steps in place to increase the conversion rate here I managed to increase checkout conversion by 10% which dramatically increased my profits.​"
Rayhan Vevaina
E - commerce