Easily analyze and troubleshoot your funnel to increase profits and reduce your losses​

Troubleshoot your funnel with just a few clicks today!

Easily analyze and troubleshoot your funnel to increase profits and reduce your losses​

Troubleshoot your funnel with just a few clicks today!

Tired Of your stores always failing?

You have built that beautiful store , you have watched that  over priced gurus course , You have found that amazing winning product using the latest fad software but you still cant make it work? Why? Because you don’t know your numbers. Introducing Funnelshoot a software designed to find the holes in your  funnel and facebook advertising to clear your path to profits. 

We built a tool that we required for ourselves...

Funnelshoot will not only allow you to track your profits from your E-commerce stores in one easy convient place it will also allow you to break down your funnel showing you exact areas where you can save money by optimising that stage of your funnel. It has been built and designed as a tool we would use on our own Ecommerce stores that we know would be useful.

Effortlessly monitor and analyze your Ads and shopify stores profits/losses

Funnelshoot instantly connects to your shopify and facebook ad accounts. From the data collected from your Cost of goods inputs , Discounts , refunds and accounts the app will create a detailed report in the custom time scale of your choice.

fall in love with our features

Real Time Stats

Track orders from a custom time period of your choice. View profits , Refunds Cost of goods and a realtime profit and loss statement.

Funnel Nudge

Take real figures from your current ads into a test snario where you can try different conversion rates/costs to show you expected results. There is nothing else like this!

Cost Of Goods Inputs

Get seriously accurate metrics by putting in your COG. Funnelshoot will automatically sync your products from your store and allow you to put in a estimated COG margin.

Easy Integration

Connect Funnelshoot to your shopfiy store and your Facebook Ad account with a few clicks. Google integration coming soon.

Custom Costs Inputs

Effortlessly track custom spends and add them to your Funnelshoot dashboard these can easily be added for daily , weekly , monthly or one time costs.

Visual Profit/Loss Funnel

shows a break down of your funnel and can indicate exactly how much money is being lost at each step and where you can improve.

Our Customers

"Imagine having enterprise level accountants tracking all of your e-commerce expenses every second of every hour while being the lowest expense on your balance sheet. Thats what it feels like when I use funnelshoot for my stores"
Mackenzie Austin
Digital Entrepreneur
"I started a new store around a month before black friday. I used funneshoot to help me find drop offs in my sales funnel. From the testing to scaling phase it has helped me accurately track my numbers which is very important when running an e-commerce business. With funnelshoots help I scaled my revenue to over $1 million in sales in under 2 months. "
Henry Fahl
Digital Entrepreneur
"Funnelshoot helped me easily track numbers on my E-commerce store. The Visual funnel helped me see a huge drop off at my Checkout stage. After putting some steps in place to increase the conversion rate here I managed to increase checkout conversion by 10% which dramatically increased my profits.​"
Rayhan Vevaina
Digital Entrepreneur

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