About Us

Funnelshoot is a standalone software that helps you accurately track your E-commerce figures.  Funnelshoot currently integrates with shopify and facebook to show an accurate representation of profits and losses aswell as leaks in your funnel.

The Team

After creating our Youtube video "How to fix your conversion rate" I saw an alarming amount of comments still asking about funnel metrics and what to look for precisely. There was an alarming number of people who had difficulty understanding funnel metrics, so I decided to partner up with Tanveer & Thomas to create FunnelShoot. An all-in-one profit + funnel metrics calculator that makes it real simple to pinpoint the problem areas in your funnel and shows you what to fix.
John Yoon
"Funnelshoot was designed as a tool to use for my own needs. Since then it has become a daily tool in all of my e-commerce stores which is why we decided to make it public"
Tanveer Sehgal
"I seen a gap in the market for a tool that could show people the drop offs in their funnels as I used to create spreadsheets to find these holes , After meeting Tanveer we drew up the skelton of funnelshoot and the rest is history"
Thomas Mcnaught
When I heard about the idea for Funnelshoot from John and Richard I was onboard instantly. This app is going to change the way people view their numbers and help thousands of become more successful with E - commerce.
Marek Dobrenko
Customer Support Manager
Looking at the metrics for each step of the funnel is something that we do on a daily basis in Verum. Funnelshoot makes this process so easy as you can visualise each step instantly on the dashboard while keeping track of your profits.
Sammy Yoon
Creative Head
FunnelShoot solves a problem we’ve personally had for a while just using other limited apps on the market like Order Metrics or Lifetimely Real time funnel metrics that impact what we do with the ads and target goals we set on our websites instead of doing the calculations manually on spreadsheets is key for fast reaction and smart action-taking Built by ecom store owners who actually understand our need for automated calculations using the unique nudge feature - this application is simply an essential tool for any serious store owner who wants to understand what actions to take to hit their metric goals
Richard Yancey
Operations Manager
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